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45° Volt Jet Torch with XL Tank by Vector Torch

Vector Torch

Wholesale Price:

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MSRP $39.95

Buy Wholesale 45° Volt Jet Torch with XL Tank by Vector Torch for your dispensary or smoke shop.

Extra Large Fuel Tank Torch!

Vector makes some of the best butane torches and windproof lighters on the market. When it comes to butane torches or above ordinary lighting expectations accept no imitations and go with the torches that started it all. Their Lifetime Series Butane Torches were engineered to provide a lifetime of reliability and firepowerVectors Volt is a unique lighter that will shock your friends. This single flame torch lighter gives you a powerful flame at a 60 degree angle while doing it in style. This lighter is windproof, so you can toast your cigar when you’re inside or out. Refillable and reliable this lighter is sure to bring a charge to any situation.

Torch Features:

  • Angle Flame
  • Wind Resistant
  • Cigar Puncher
  • Refillable
  • Slim Profile
  • Single Action Ignition Button
  • Custom Gift Case
  • No Proof Lifetime Warranty
  • Altitude: 4,000 ft

What's in the Box:

  • 45° Volt Jet Torch with XL Tank by Vector Torch