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Palm Portable Vaporizer by vaporBLUNT


Wholesale Price:

Use Dry Herb + Concentrates
MSRP $19.99

Buy Wholesale Palm Portable Vaporizer by vaporBLUNT for your dispensary or smoke shop.

Handheld Vape

The Palm by vaporBLUNT is a compact, handheld vaporizer that features an all glass airway to achieve the cleanest and best tasting vapour. The way this vaporizer was made makes sure the heating element snaps into the ceramic holder which means it won't be in contact with any plastic. In a hurry? No worries, the Palm is able to reach vaporizing temperatures in under 5 seconds! Compatible with both dry herb and concentrates. 

Vaporizer Features:

  • Use: Dry Herb + Concentrates
  • Small and Compact
  • Heats Fast
  • Easy to Clean
  • Ceramic Holder

How to Use:

  1. Insert mouth tip into Palm body
  2. Finely grind and load your product on to screen, Do not over pack as damage to the screen may occur
  3. Close lid, insert charged NiMH battery and firmly press to start heating
  4. The glowing lamp will indicate power flow. As vapour forms, draw off. A slow draw will be hotter than a fast draw
  5. Release battery pressure while drawing to finish. This will cool the unit and evacuate all vapour
  6. Fully vaporized product will be brown. Stir product as needed
  7. Remove battery, empty used product, brush screen and clean glass tube after use

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - Palm Portable Vaporizer
  • 2x - Palm Batteries
  • 1x - Charger
  • 1x - Flavour Tip
  • 1x - Tip
  • 1x - Scraper Brush
  • 1x - 4mm Pipe Cleaner
Dry Herb + Concentrates