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The Marijuana Chef Cookbook Edition 3 by S. T. Oner

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Book Length 206 Pages
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Marijuana Cookbook 

A new and improved full-colour edition of every stoner’s favourite cookbook!

Cannabis cuisine doesn’t have to be difficult, and the Marijuana Chef Cookbook has been proving that to its dedicated fans for over a decade now. Easy-to-follow instructions and delicious recipes make this cookbook an essential read for stoners who like their meals medicated, their drug tests passed and their evenings spent higher than a kite with cut strings. Veteran pot writer S.T.Oner has improved once again upon his best-selling cookbook: bolstered by sales of his recent hit series, Cannabis Indica / Sativa: The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains, he’s taken his collection of cannabis recipes to the next level, with the addition of full-colour illustrative photos for every recipe.

Containing sections on how to pass drug tests using only natural methods, vegan and vegetarian recipe options and the safest ways to dose, this new edition responds to what readers really want to know. With starters, mains, desserts and treats as well as drinks and a slammin’ section on beverages that will get you a buzz on from more than the weed, you’ll have your meds and eat ’em too. This cookbook takes you well beyond bag weed brownies and shows you how to make gourmet-style simple meals without even breaking a sweat.

Cookbook Features:

  • Book Length: 206 Pages
  • 55 delicious recipes, including 15 new dishes
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • 4 different methods for cannabis extraction
  • Vegan and vegetarian recipe options

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - The Marijuana Chef Cookbook Edition 3 by S. T. Oner
Book Length:
206 Pages