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Calibration Weight Kit for Calibrating Scales


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Buy Wholesale Calibration Weight Kit for Calibrating Scales for your dispensary or smoke shop.

Weight Kit for Scales

Calibrating or checking your scale's accuracy periodically is an important part of maintaining your scale. This 16 piece OIML Class M1 Calibration Weight Kit is suited for checking and calibrating digital scales. Check the user manual for your scale to find the required calibration weight value required. Most scales require a specific weight which cannot be changed. Using the wrong calibration weight for your scale will result in inaccuracy which cannot be undone without calibrating again with the correct weight. Weight Construction: Gram Weights - Chromed Steel with Adjustment Seal on Bottom / Milligram Weights - Metal Wafer with Folded Edge for easy handling. Weights not suitable for density calculations. Tweezers Included.

Weight Kit Features:

  • Case dimension: 4.6 x 3.5 x 1.7"
  • OIML Class: M2 - Certificate Not Supplied
  • Suitable for general laboratory, commercial, and educational use

What's in the Kit:

  • Gram Weights: 1 by 50g, 2 by 20g, 1 by 10g, 1 by 5g, 1 by 2g, 1 by 1g
  • Milligram Weights: 1 by 500mg, 1 by 200mg, 1 by 100mg, 1 by 50mg, 2 by 20mg, 1 by 10mg
  • Tweezers