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80pc Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes by Crud Bud

Crud Bud

Wholesale Price:

Minimum purchase 12
Pieces 80 Wipes
MSRP $9.95

Buy Wholesale 80pc Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes by Crud Bud for your dispensary or smoke shop.

Resin Cleaning Wipes

The Crud Bud Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes offers a hassle-free, way to clean and disinfect pipes, mouthpieces, nails, dabbers, small glass parts, grinders, silicone surfaces, hands- you name it! Alcohol disinfecting wipes are safe to use on metal, glass, plastic, titanium, quartz, and any other non-porous surface. Tub contains 80 wipes.

Crud Bud Features:

  • 80 Cleaning Wipes per Tub
  • 70% alcohol-based glass cleaner
  • Cleans and deodorizes in seconds
  • Kills 99.9% of germs

How to use Crud Bud:

  1. Pop top on lid, then remove entire lid. Remove foil.
  2. open inside package and tease corner of first wipe through the opening in lid. Do Not push finger through opening in lid.
  3. Replace lid and pull wipe out, and to the side to release wipe. 
  4. Snap cap back on to prevent product from drying out.
  5. Use each wipe once and discard.
  6. Rinse cleaned surfaces with water and allow to air dry before use. Use multiple wipes for stubborn crud. Wash hands with soap and water after use.

What's in the Box:

80pc Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes by Crud Bud 

80 Wipes