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Clear Smell Proof Bags by Smelly Proof

Smelly Proof

Wholesale Price:

Minimum purchase 100
Smelly Proof Double-Track Zipper
MSRP $0.99 - $1.99
Baggie Size Required

Buy Wholesale Clear Smell Proof Bags by Smelly Proof for your dispensary or smoke shop.

Odor Blocking Storage 

The original and unparalleled odour suppressing bag is back. Smelly Proof Storage Bags are designed to create an “ecosystem” that blocks vapors & oxygen from entering or exiting the nylon reinforced FDA Approved Poly. Smelly Proof bags, whether the smallest to largest come with a double-track zipper ensuring the tightest seal possible. Smelly Proof bags also have “tear notches” to be used with most all heat and vacuum sealers for freezing foods safely up to 6 months without freezer burn.

Smelly Proof Features:

Bage Sizes:

    • Small - 5" x 7"
    • Medium - 6.5" x 6.5"
    • Larger - 10" x 11"
  • Heat & Vacuum Sealers for Freezing Foods Safely
  • Smelly Proof Logo
  • Double-Track Zipper
  • Odour Blocking
  • FDA Approved Poly

Many Uses:

    • Food Storage & Freezing
    • Marinating
    • Picnic, Beach, Camping & Catering
    • Storing, Organizing & Traveling
    • Snacks
    • Dog Treats and Toys
    • Ice Packs for Injuries
    • Organize Jewelry
    • Cigar & Tobacco Storage
    • Garden Seeds and Supplies
    • Emergency Preparedness Items

What's in the Box:

  •  100x - Clear Smell Proof Bags by Smelly Proof 
Smelly Proof:
Double-Track Zipper
$0.99 - $1.99