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We offer the widest selection of Grinders on the market. Grinders are an essential accessory for any cannabis enthusiast. The primary purpose of the grinder is to make cannabis easier to consume. Instead of your fingers or scissors, using a grinder ensures your dried is even and consistent in texture.

Grinders come in many varieties, each with varying degrees of complexity. To understand which grinder is a match for your consumers it's best to take a look at their differences.

2 Piece 

The 2 Piece Grinders

Two-piece grinders have one compartment that grinds and collects yours. Perfect for your casual cannabis consumer who is looking for a quick and effective way to prepare their dried. A limitation of the two-piece grinder is consumers may find it difficult to retrieve their ground from between the teeth of the unit.


Storz & Bickel XL Grinder - 2 piece
MSRP $8.75


Kannastor Black Solid Top Black - 2 piece
MSRP $32.90


Kanastor Solid Top - 2 piece
MSRP $22.95

3 Piece

3 Piece Grinders

Three-piece grinders are a definite step up in quality from the two-piece option. In a three-piece device, you'll find small holes that allow pieces of finely ground to fall into a lower compartment. This separation helps serious consumers collect and enjoy kief that catches in the teeth on the grinder.


Santa Cruz Shredder 3 Piece - Green 2.2"
MSRP $79.75


Santa Cruz Shredder 3 Piece - Purple 2.75"
MSRP $93.75


Santa Cruz Shredder 3 piece - Black 2.2"
MSRP $79.95

4 Piece

4 Piece Grinders

Four piece grinders are the superior of the three options and typically reserved for your premium consumers. The four-piece device is designed for collecting kief and includes a screen or filter that helps residue to pass through the chamber responsible for retrieving kief.  


Cali Crusher HomeGrown - 4 piece grinder 
MSRP $129.95


Ryot Wood Gr8tr - 4 piece grinder
MSRP $84.95


Kannastor Solid Top & Body - 4 piece grinder 
MSRP $59.95


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