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Who is HAZO Rolling Papers?

HAZO Rolling Papers is more than just another rolling paper company; they are a social cause cannabis lifestyle brand that plants a tree for every single pack of rolling papers purchased! HAZO means “tree” in Malagasy, the local language in Madagascar, which is where they have begun our planting efforts.

The team at HAZO and their strong supporters believe in good vibes, and in being an active, conscious cannabis consumer. That’s why you can find them outdoors, on the water, or in the mountains when they aren’t in the office. And of course, they’re always “Rolling for a Cause!”

Since launching a little over a year ago, HAZO Rolling Papers has planted 30,000+ trees through their planting partnership with EDEN Reforestation Projects and the support of humble+fume! Through their partners, they will be planting many more trees to up those numbers substantially and bring on a variety of new products!

"69% of millennials worldwide want businesses to facilitate their involvement in addressing social challenges"

Why Madagascar?

HAZO Rolling Papers started after its founder, Kyle St. Hilaire, visited Madagascar to explore potential work opportunities. From what he saw, it was primarily foreign businesses that go into the country and use up/destroy all of the natural resources for their own gains – such as the illegal logging for fine-grained lumber like rosewood and ebony & unsustainable fishing practices.

While exploring the beautiful country, Kyle saw firsthand the results of severe deforestation. Over 90% of its natural forests have been destroyed, and more than 80% of its fauna is endemic to the country as they'll as the majority of its animals. They are extremely close to disappearing forever and that can't continue.

After little debate, Kyle made his decision to return to Canada and get back into the cannabis industry he knew and loved. With the news of pending legalization, he was excited and determined to be a part of something so historic and revolutionary, while at the same time – giving back.

Hazo Rolling Papers - Why Madagascar?

"52% of shoppers worldwide check product labels before buying to ensure the brand is committed to positive social and environmental impact"

Why Hemp?

Being a long-time cannabis enthusiast himself, as well as most of his friends growing up, Kyle decided on rolling papers as his venture’s starting point. Papers were an item that he could attach a one-for-one model to and more importantly, were an item that the end-user wouldn’t have to pay a huge and unfair premium to enjoy just because HAZO is a social cause company. Kyle and his friends already enjoyed unbleached hemp papers due to their nice slow burn and minimal taste, as well as their low environmental impact. The type of papers was an easy choice!

Kyle then approached his childhood friend and current partner/Creative Director at HAZO Rolling Papers, Olivier Trudel, who loved and believed in HAZO and immediately came on board. Kyle and Oli’s favourite sizes of rolling papers are 1 1/4 and King Size Slim, which proved to also be the case with most of their friends and acquaintances. These are the sizes that HAZO Rolling Papers has initially launched but keep an eye out for new products in the near future!

"64% of shoppers say simply giving money away isn’t enough; they want businesses to integrate social impact directly into their business models"

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