Our Goal is that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and the service we provide, however due to restrictions imposed on us by some of our vendors and couriers, all claims of loss or damage must be made within 7 days of receiving your order. It will be very difficult, if not impossible to extend concessions when calls are made after the allotted time frame. We ask that you respect these parameters and notify us of any damages, incorrect product fulfilment or any other reason that may warrant a return to vendor.

Questions?  E-mail or call 1-855-829-5962

Once Customer Care approves of your return, you can request a shipping label for your return using the RMA Request form  

Damages or Mis-shipments

Our goal is to ensure that you are provided with product that meets or exceeds expectations, however, on occasion problems within or beyond our control will occur. In the event of an incorrect delivery or when product arrives damaged or in otherwise unacceptable condition, please submit a claim within the allotted 7-day window.

Damaged Product
Damaged products are any products that are damaged upon arrival—these items will be replaced or a mutually agreed upon credit will be provided.

  • o   If you have another order that is in queue at the time of your return, h+f may add replacements to that pre-existing order
  • o   If you do not have another order in queue, we will assess the urgency of your replacements and send out orders as required for you
  • o   Damaged product will not need to be shipped back, but glass products will need to be photographed and submitted to Customer Care

Mis-shipped Product
Mis-shipped product is product you have received but you did not order—please fill out the RMA Request form here to start the return process for the mis-shipped item.

  • o   Mis-shipped product will be collected at no charge to the customer and the correct items will be shipped out immediately if applicable.  
  • o   Product credit will be provided in the case of the intended stock being sold out or if suitable replacements are not available

Domestic Return Policy

Our 30-Day Customer Satisfaction Commitment

The satisfaction of our customers is important to us. To ensure this, any product received and deemed unacceptable, for any reason what-so-ever, may be returned without refusal within 30 days from invoice date. 

For the benefit of maintaining the integrity of our returned products for future customers, the following parameters must be recognized:

  • All return requests must be processed using the RMA Request form
  • Returns may be subject to a 10% Restocking Fee
  • Product must be current, regular priced inventory to qualify
  • Accessories will only be accepted in original, undamaged packaging
  • Packages with any additional stickers or price tags will not be accepted and may be returned to customer with their next order or at their expense.
  • Perishable products with a shelf life of less than six months will be returned to customer with their next order or at their expense.

Exemptions to this policy:

  • Customized or otherwise specially ordered product
  • Discontinued or clearance product

Freight costs associated with product being returned is the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise noted.

Returns Outside of 30-Day Period

Return requests outside the 30-day grace period will be subject to approval by the account representative responsible as well as a properly completed RMA form must be submitted. A 10% restocking fee will also be applied, and product must be returned at the expense of the customer.

Product that has been returned without adherence to the process outlined above will be rejected, credit will not be provided, and product will be returned at the expense of the customer.

Credits or Refunds for Returned Merchandise

After approval by the account representative responsible, delivery will be arranged by the responsible party. Once returned product is received and restocked, credit or refund will be provided to the customer. The following conditions will apply:

  • Product must be current and in equally sellable condition to what is otherwise available to vendor.
  • Product approved for return after 30 days will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.
  • Product which is not received as described in the RMA request will be discarded or returned to customer with their next order or at their expense.
  • Unapproved returns will be discarded or returned to customer with their next order or at their expense.
  • Credit or Refund will be only be provided once inventory is received, confirmed eligible and restocked.

For Retail Consumers Returning Defective Product

Example:  Vaporizer sits on shelf for 45 days, consumer purchases. The unit is defective and will not heat up, customer returns unit to Retail store.

Retail stores can contact and a refund will be applied, and if requested, labels will be included to return the product for supplier processing and a warranty claim.