Our 30-Day Customer Satisfaction Commitment The satisfaction of our customers is important to us. To ensure this, any product received and deemed unsaleable, may be returned without refusal within 30 days from invoice date.

For the benefit of maintaining the integrity of returned products for future customers, all returning product MUST:

  • Be current, regular priced inventory to qualify
  • Accessories will only be accepted in original, undamaged packaging
  • Original Packaging: Packaging with any damages or added signage (e.g. stickers or price tags, writing on packaging, etc.) may not be accepted and may be returned to customer with their next order or at their expense.
  • Perishable products with a shelf life of less than six months will be returned to customer with their next order or at their expense.

For all inquiries, please have item(s) SKU and quantity with their respective Invoice number ready.

Photos and additional information may be requested to ensure your return is resolved in a timely fashion and correct reimbursement is issued.

Retail returns that are outside the 30-day commitment will require end-user purchase and return receipts. End-users must report defects within 7 days of purchase to be valid for credit without penalty.

Return requests outside the 30-day grace period will be subject to approval by the Returns Center and a restocking fee will be applied to Returns outside of the 30-Day window. Exceptions include previously unknown defects and End-user returns. Please be advised, these instances may require more information.

All returned items will be held to the same standards as outlined in our 30-Day Customer Satisfaction Commitment above. Please be advised that not all returns outside of the 30-Day grace period will be accepted for reimbursement.

When submitting a claim, please expect:

  • Damaged item – item turned up damaged: Photos required, and we may request for the item to be sent back to us.
  • Defective item – item does not work as it should: End-user receipts and photos of defect (if applicable) required.
Please fill out this form to open a case with us and our Returns Team will reply to your inquiry as soon as they are able. We will answer each Case as they come into our system and strive to resolve every issue in a timely manner. Please refrain from sending multiple cases for the same Return. If you are not receiving a response from a Return Case, please reach out to our Customer Support portal on the Home page.