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Yocan Blade - Replacement Tips


Wholesale Price:

Minimum purchase 1
Use Concentrates
MSRP $12.99

Buy Wholesale Yocan Blade - Replacement Tips for your dispensary or smoke shop.

Wholesale Yocan Blade Accessories

These Yocan Blade ceramic tips are the official and original replacement part for the Yocan Blade Dabbing Knife. The Yocan Blade ceramic tips come in two types: K1 which has a scooper-like tip and K2 which has more of a cutting blade tip.

K1 is effective when scooping up leftover wax concentrates in your wax jar and can help you conserve your wax concentrates. The K1 tip can also be used to cleanly scrape off leftover wax concentrates in your wax chamber should you not want to perform a burn-off on your vaporizer.

As for the K2 tip, its blade-like design makes it ideal for cutting down stubborn wax concentrates into smaller pieces. It can be used by consumers who like to micro-dose as it can cut down wax concentrates without leaving any unnecessary leftovers, especially when compared to using conventional dab tools.

Ultimately, both K1 and K2 tips can be used to melt wax concentrates as they can perfectly convey the temperature levels selected on the Yocan Blade Dabbing Knife.

Yocan Blade Tip Features:

  • Use: Concentrates
  • High-Quality Ceramic
  • K1 or K2
  • Adjustable Angle

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - Yocan Blade - Replacement Tip