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OCB Crystal Hand Roller


Wholesale Price:

Minimum purchase 1
Size 70mm + 79mm
Display of 12 Rollers
MSRP per Roller $3.99
Roller Size Required

Buy Wholesale OCB Crystal Hand Roller for your dispensary or smoke shop.

Wholesale Transparent Hand Roller

Made of transparent plastic to take anywhere. Long-lasting rolling belt! It helps you to roll perfect size every time. Its small size makes it very portable and perfect for situations where you’re without a good rolling surface such as hiking and being out on the town. Amateur’s rolling quality will benefit tremendously from this roller—but it can improve the roll of even rolling pros! Pick yours up today and get rolling.

OCB Hand Roller Features:

  • Transparent Plastic
  • Sizes: 70mm and 79mm 
  • Display of 12 Rollers
  • Portable

What's in the Box:

  • 12x - OCB Crystal Hand Rollers
70mm + 79mm
Display of:
12 Rollers
MSRP per Roller: