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Pulsar RIP Series Silicone Gravity Water Pipe - 11" - 14mm F


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Buy Wholesale Pulsar RIP Series Silicone Gravity Water Pipe - 11" - 14mm F for your dispensary or smoke shop.

Ripping a gravity water pipe just got a whole lot cooler! From the Pulsar RIP Series, this Silicone & Glass Gravity Water Pipe takes a classic design to the next level with an unbreakable silicone topper and a vape cartridge adapter. This device includes all the parts your customers need to get rippin’, such as the base chamber made from 3mm thick borosilicate glass and the inner chamber made from 2mm thick acrylic material.

The silicone topper is 100% BPA-free and features a tethered stopper to plug the mouthpiece while filling the pipe. There is also an extra opening in the top which holds the 14mm male herb slide when not in use. This innovative kit includes a silicone vape cartridge adapter, so users can enjoy thick oil carts as well as dry herb hits. Multiple color options available.



  • 11 inches tall 
  • Gravity water pipe
  • 100% BPA-free silicone 
  • Glass outer base w/ acrylic inner chamber
  • Includes 14mm male herb slide & vape cartridge adapter
  • Multiple color options available